Majestic Himalayas, magnificent fortress and vibrant biodiversity greeted me the very moment i landed on the Bhutanese soil. My trip to Bhutan is a casket of memories that i will cherish in my life. My tour of Bhutan was supplemented with utmost hospitality and case by my agent.they took intensive care to arrange my lodging and my guide made sure to make me comfortable and worthwhile in an alien world.
Although Bhutan is progressing in her developmental tasks,the kind of love for their environment and culture was what took me aback.I visited different places like Thimphu, Paro and Punakha and everywhere I went, I was entertained by the beauty of the nature;green trees and tall mountains are always there by one’s side to reassure that love of mother nature is always there for us.And one can feel that love,every time one breathes in,I could feel it.
There was something totally different in the air,I don’t know how to describe it but it was rejuvenating. I was also enthralled to see the unique tradition and culture of Bhutan and I really liked their arts and crafts.I never knew there were so many subtle meanings behind every piece of art. To the eyes that are accustomed in seeing sky scrapers and metros.A visit to this country will make one realize what one is missing amidst head on civilization.
I will always be grateful to my agent,World Tour Plan and my guide for making my trip more than just a mere visit but a rich experience to cherish forever.It is a gift that I want to present my family with a next visit to this land of happiness.