The trip was absolutely wonderful. From the moment I walked out of the Paro airport to when I was dropped off seven days later, I was truly taken care of. The accommodations in Paro for three nights was lovely; breakfast was varied, the view from my room was great, and the staff was kind.
During the days, my guide (Chencho) always knew what he was talking about at every stop on the tour, and he also kept up with my questions while sightseeing and my pace while trekking. When I would passingly mention something I wanted to see or do, they’d bend over backwards to make sure I could have that experience (for example, they lengthened the kms each day on the trek so I’d have more time in Thimphu the last day, and dinner my last night was at a home-stay instead of a regular restaurant).
My driver (Ben) was also always keen to go out of his way to show me something he thought I’d find interesting. I debated whether as a solo woman I would be comfortable on this trip, and I definitely was; I never felt uncomfortable for a second. I also was not sure about spending the bulk of my trip trekking, but the staff made it so easy for me to just enjoy (tent already set when I arrived a camp, delicious food each meal, etc).
The views were spectacular for the whole trek, and I ended up vastly preferring that to the days we were in the “cities”, as there is not much to do in the cities anyway and while trekking you get to see such incredible nature. One minute we’d be hiking up a rocky hill, the next we’d be in a pasture full of wildflowers, and an hour later I would be wading in a glacial lake. I thought I’d only go to Bhutan once in my life, but this experience has made it clear that I’ll have to go back someday.