Tashi & Chencho were wonderful to be around. They even laughed at my bad jokes. Tashi was very smart and could answer any question. This tour was the right amount of time for me, but gauge that for your interests. You may want to stay longer in the country.
You can always return but for many this may be a once in a life time journey. The country is very safe, clean, and very advanced when compito a place like Kathmandu. The one thing I caution is to bring all the cash you may need to convert. Lucky I always bring emergency cash with me. One of my banks didn’t support the local currency. My second card requires the chip be read in the ATM not the strip.
The ATMs only read the strip today (Dec 2019). My bank did tell me a shop could manually enter the number for a purchase but I didn’t try only because I was moving on to many more international stops and I didn’t want to carry purchases. I probably could have shipped but didn’t think at the time. That said exchange rates were very good at the bank and there was no fee other then built in exchange rate. Bhutan is beautiful. You’ll have your evenings free. After about 6. All food was wonderful and I had no stomach issues. I prefer spicy and Bhutan is known for spicy but they were making dishes mild for the white lad from Ireland.
Their King is doing a great job. The country is moving in the right direction. Go now instead of later in case they open the country to more tourists. Hopefully they don’t because you don’t want these beautiful places to be overrun with tourists. I have a world eSIM in my iPhone. Not supported in Bhutan but you can buy sim at airport on landing. Sit on the left side of plane if you can on the way in to see the Himalayas.